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LEU011 - Mario Zar - The Ocean Plant EP (incl. Martin Brunner Remix)

Releasedate: 08.07.2011 (Vinyl) 25.07.2011 (Beatport) 08.08.2011 (Digital) This is definitely a serious movie, but in this case quite large. The Swiss Cowboy Mario ... >>

LEU010 - Various Artists - Leuten EP

For over a year the label released continuously and brought not only Rocco Caine and Ping! to light. The tracks found in many charts, record boxes and laptops of the ... >>

LEU009 - Rocco Caine - Unterbauer EP incl. Justin Berkovi Remix

Rocco Caine sees himself as a student, whose philosophy he perceives as the preparation of his own teaching. Within the electronic music he developed his own composition ... >>

LEU008 - Mario Zar - Crash EP incl. Ping! Remix

Mario Zar presents three very imposing tracks on the new leutral. contains a remix by PING! Releasedate: 11.03.2011 (Vinyl) 17.03.2011 (Beatport) 31.03.2011 (Digital ... >>

LEU007 - Ping! - Scripted Reality EP

get the new PING! four new hot tracks on the 7th leutral release Releasedate: 26.11.2010 (Vinyl) 13.12.2010 (Beatport) 27.12.2010 (Digital) ... >>

LEU006 - Martin Brunner - Thats What It Is incl. Remixes by Patrick Kunkel & Rocco Caine

contains remixes by Patrick Kunkel and Rocco Caine !!! Austrian musican Martin Brunner aka Madney Moon scores with two refreshing tracks. With a wonderful catchy melody ... >>

LEU005 - Rocco Caine - Fathorn50 EP incl. Estroe Remix

contains a remix by Estroe !!! massive new vinyl by Rocco Caine !!! no more words to say. contains the phat melodic remix by Estroe (Connaisseur Rec. / EevoNext) supported ... >>

LEU004 - Rocco Caine - Sonar incl. Heiko Laux Remix

contains a remix by Heiko Laux (Kanzleramt)!!! Rocco Caine presents his second massive vinyl on Leutral Recordings with an must-have peak time track. a phat anthem starting ... >>

LEU003 - Ping! - Dropout EP incl. Turmspringer Remix

contains a remix by Turmspringer !!! Third release by Leutral Recordings. Say hello to Ping! contains a remix by Turmspringer (Tonkind / Get Physical / Bar25 / Bachstelzen ... >>

LEU002 - Rocco Caine - Urpus EP incl. Matt Star Remix

contains a remix by Matt Star !!! Rocco Caine has released his first EP on vinyl with the label Leutral Recordings. That young german is treated as an insider tip among ... >>

LEU001 - Spiraltone - Plugged incl. Alexander Kowalski Remix

contains a remix by Alexander Kowalski !!! it has to wow and flutter! Leutral Recordings is hitting the world. first release by japanese duo Spiraltone with an peak ... >>